General Information

Outdoor Emory (OE) is Emory University's outdoors club, and, with over 350 members, Outdoor Emory is the largest student organization on campus. Outdoor Emory sends an average of one trip per weekend to destinations around the Southeast, ranging from backpacking to caving to skydiving to skiing to rafting. On longer breaks, our trips have spanned North America. Membership for the year is $20 and includes a very fashionable t-shirt and the ability to go on as many OE trips as you would like. All trips are substantially subsidized and discounted from regular cost for students, making outdoor opportunities available to all Emory students from undergrads to graduate students. We also encourage faculty and staff to join us on our trips. Our wide range of trips at many different skill levels makes OE one of the nation's leading outdoor communities.

Mission Statement: Outdoor Emory is a student-run campus organization that promotes a chance to experience outdoor recreation, appreciation of natural beauty, and shared friendships with all members of the Emory community. OE operates in line with Leave No Trace and includes this practice in the curriculum used to train trip leaders.

Weekly General Body Meetings: Check out Events tab for the most up to date information about our weekly meetings. Stop by to learn more about upcoming trips or grab some free food!