Frequently Asked Questions

What is Outdoor Emory?

Outdoor Emory (OE) is one of the largest student-run organizations on campus. We cater to all outdoor enthusiasts, from undergrads to law students to faculty and staff. Check out our about page here.

What is Outdoor Emory's mission?

Outdoor Emory is a student-run campus organization that promotes a chance to experience outdoor recreation, appreciation of natural beauty, and shared friendships with all members of the Emory community. OE operates in line with Leave No Trace and includes this practice in the curriculum used to train trip leaders.

How do I join OE?

If you are a freshman and participated in the SOAR program, you are already a member of OE. If not, come to any meeting to join. Each member must pay a $20 membership fee to join, which allows you to take advantage of all of our discounted trips.

What is expected of me as an Outdoor Emory member?

The minimum requirement of an OE member is to be interested in participating in our activities and to love the outdoors. OE members have a wide variety of involvement levels, from the occasional trip taker to the member at every meeting. We love to see people getting more involved and taking it upon themselves to lead trips. You are what makes the organization thrive!

When are meetings?

Outdoor Emory meetings are held at 6:00 PM at Harland Cinema on the 3rd floor of the DUC every Tuesday unless otherwise announced. Food is usually provided at meetings.

What kind of trips does Outdoor Emory provide?

Every semester trips vary depending on who volunteers to plan and lead trips. Past trips have included hiking, rafting, kayaking, waterskiing, canoeing, camping, skydiving, fishing, trap shooting, paintballing, snowboarding, caving, hang gliding, zip lining, boating, shooting, backpacking, rock climbing, etc. Skydiving trips usually occur once per semester and Skiing trips usually occur once a year.

How do I sign up for a trip?

You can sign up for a trip here. Spots are held until the next meeting, where you must pay to continue to reserve your spot. If you do not pay between the time you sign up and the next meeting, your spot will be forfeited and given to someone on the waiting list. Trip costs are accepted in cash or check.

How do I lead a trip?

To lead a trip, you must go through Outdoor Emory's leadership school, a program held by Outdoor Emory a couple times a semester that trains students to be certified trip leaders. To find out more about leadership school, visit the Leadership tab. Once you are a leader, you can simply contact the Outdoor Emory exec members about planning a trip.

How do I become more involved in Outdoor Emory?

Outdoor Emory holds student elections for their executive board at the end of every academic year. Elections are held at general body meetings and are voted on by OE members. Appointed positions are also available at the beginning of every academic year through an application process. For more information, please contact an exec member. SOAR leader applications are released every spring semester and are selected through an application process by the SOAR executive board.