General Information

Training Information

Leadership Training is a 24-hour camping trip that teaches members how to successfully conduct their own Outdoor Emory trip. Leaders will learn about trip planning, camping basics, emergency preparedness, emergency response, and First Aid/CPR. While at the training, leaders will get to know other leaders to plan trips with in the future, have time to hike, and have time to enjoy the outdoors.

Leadership Benefits

Trip leaders get to determine the destination(s) and the itinerary for their trip — so they can travel to places they've always wanted to go and cross things off their personal bucket lists. For the time they put into planning, trip leaders also get half off the price of a trip!


All leaders complete the following requirements during leadership training:

  1. Van Certification
  2. Reimbursement Form
  3. CPR / First Aid Course

Additionally, all leaders must lead at least one trip per year in order to retain leadership status within the club from year to year.