Downloads & Documents

Reimbursement Set-up Form

This form is used to allow trip leaders to be reimbursed for purchases made on trips. It must only be completed once per academic year.

Van Certification Form

In order to drive a van at Emory University, a defensive driving course must be completed. To register for the course and consent to having your motor vehicle record checked, please fill out this form and return it to OSLS. To drive a van with Outdoor Emory, you must email Connor Cione a copy of your completion certificate.

Trip Financial Aid Application

While we do offer discounts for our trips, we understand that a portion of the student body at Emory may be unable to afford the typical price we charge. In the event that an individual is unable to afford this price, we allow them to apply for our single trip scholarship. Applicants must be able to express financial need.

Outdoor Emory Leadership Guide

The Leadership Guide contains all the information OE leaders need to guarantee a fantastic trip and be able to handle any emergency.

Outdoor Emory Trip Planning Guide

The Planning Guide provides OE Leaders with a step-by-step process for how to plan a trip. It answers FAQs about forms, finance, gas, food, and equipment.

Equipment Rental Policy

The equipment rental policy outlines who may rent equipment, the process for renting equipment, and how disputes are resolved. The Equipment Rental Policy must be agreed to at the time of equipment check-out.