Frequently Asked Questions

Am I going to miss out on any regular orientation activities if I go on a SOAR trip?

Nope! Trips will leave on the evening of Tuesday and return the afternoon of Friday. Orientation and move-in for all incoming students (including SOAR participants) will begin early the morning of Saturday. Therefore you will be back in time to participate fully.

Should I bring all of the items I plan to move into my dorm with me on Tuesday?

If your parents are moving you in on Saturday, please send as many of your belongings as possible with them. However, when you arrive on campus on Tuesday you will be able to store any luggage you have with you in a POD, which will be locked until Saturday morning. On Saturday morning, you will be able to pick up your belongings from the POD and then move into your dorm. Please note that Saturday morning will be the only time you are allowed to pick up things from the POD. If you are being picked up by your parents, please make sure you bring enough changes of clothes on the trip with you to make it through Saturday morning.

How do I get from the airport to campus?

The SOAR leaders will be running shuttles from the airport the evening of Monday and the morning of Tuesday. We encourage students to take advantage of these shuttles by arriving near one of these times so that they may avoid paying for a taxi which could cost approximately $40. The shuttles are included in the cost of the program.

When will I know about my acceptance into the program?

We will send you confirmation of acceptance immediately after your form submission. All trips are filled on a first-come, first-serve basis, but we may need to move people around to accommodate all participants trip preferences. You will receive final confirmation of which trip you are on in late July. Your trip's head coordinator will contact you and your parents with a finalized, detailed itinerary and a list of required equipment.

I need to speak to someone regarding the SOAR program. Who should I get in touch with?

Feel free to contact the SOAR directors via the following link: If you would prefer to talk to one of the directors over the phone, please send an e-mail requesting this and we can set up a time to talk. We love answering your questions and helping you decide whether the SOAR program is right for you.

How many people are on each trip?

Each trip consists of 16 freshmen and 4 leaders. Approximately 100-250 incoming freshman typically participate in the program.

I've found the perfect trip. How do I sign up?

We are still finalizing our registration process and will be posting a registration form on April 10. Please check back then to sign-up!

What equipment do I need to bring?

All participants must have their own sleeping bag, sleeping pad (Therm-A-Rest, foam pad, etc.), and bag (duffel or backpack) for personal belongings. Any other equipment needed will be indicated in the acceptance letter specific to each trip. In the event that a student does not have this equipment, and cannot afford it, we are able to provide a small number from our stock. Please contact us to request to borrow our equipment.

What is your policy on drugs and alcohol?

No drugs (including tobacco) or alcohol are permitted on any trip at any time. Possession or consumption of these materials will result in serious disciplinary punishment involving the Conduct Council of Emory University, as well as immediate removal from the SOAR trip.

My parents want to know more about the program and understand the details. Is there a meeting before the trips depart?

Why, yes there is! Parents will be able to attend an informational meeting before the trips leave on Tuesday. We will meet on campus and discuss the history of both OE and the SOAR program as well as trip specific details. There will be chances to ask questions of both the Orientation Directors and other staff members. We will elaborate on our trip rules / regulations and discuss safety preparations.

What if I am an international student or cannot attend these terrific trips?

Sadly, international students are unable to join us on SOAR Trips due to a scheduling conflict with University requirements for completing international student orientation. We are sorry, but this is an unavoidable conflict. We are considering offering additional SOAR trips over fall break, and you should get involved with OE once on campus to learn about these! Please shoot us an email if you are unable to attend, but are interested in a fall break program.