SOAR Trips 2017


There are Emory freshmen. Then there are SOAR freshmen. And then, there are those who went on Caving. This could be you. And really, when is the last time you've done something for the first time? Have you ever gone on an insanely awesome caving trip with 19 fabulous, gutsy strangers who are going to be your go-to friends freshman year? You could be one of the select few chosen to venture through underground caverns, hike around a beautiful lake, jump into refreshing water, gorge ourselves on home-cooked wilderness meals, and meet an awesome group of people that will make your Emory experience so much more exciting. Plus s'mores. Go on SOAR caving.

Sea Kayaking

Hey. Hey you! Yeah, you, the college freshman with the face! Do you enjoy going outside? Do you want to make 19 best friends before even moving onto campus? Do you like kayaking or could potentially be the type of person who does, or maybe beaches and oceans, say, of the Atlantic variety? Have we peaked your interest yet? Well, if not, we're sorry to have failed you. But if yes, we've got a trip for you! We are heading to Charleston, SC to go kayaking, spend time on the beautiful Folly Beach, and explore Historical Charleston (including a trip to the famous Charleston City Market). Aside from all that, this trip will also be stacked with: camping, campfires, swimming, walking, socializing, 4 leaders with winning personalities and jokes that are not always successful but are generally consistent, and s'mores! As a famous poet once said, "Life is a beach, and I'm just trying to bond with other first-year students... in the sand."

Backpacking I and II

Buckle up boys and girls, cause y'all are in for a wild ride. What lies ahead of you today is an incomprehensible journey riddled with perilous pitfalls and majestic peaks. Our trek will be life changing for each and every one of you, and when we emerge from those mountains as champions of the wild, an eagle will let out a caw in the distance, and I will shed a single manly tear at the beauty of our victory... Naw, but when you sign up for backpacking you're signing up for a few days of awesome camping with one of our two backpacking trips. Trip 1 will get a fine taste of the North Georgia Mountains with a side of rock climbing. Trip 2 is venturing further up to North Carolina and is going to substitute the rocks for some rockin' southern cooking (bad joke?) at the Dillard House. Both trips are led by super awesome leaders and are going to be the best SOAR trips ever. Seriously. Ever.

Whitewater Rafting I,II, and III

When you dream about college, do your dreams include getting slapped in the face by medium-sized waves while traveling down a river with 15 of your closest friends? Do your dreams include loads of s'mores and possibly hiking to waterfalls? If they don't, you need to start dreaming bigger. In 1986, a young boy from the suburbs of Hawaii joined a Whitewater Rafting SOAR trip. That boy's name? Barack Obama. Seriously, these trips are going to feature s'mores that are literally #lit, wild crazy rapids, and the hippest leaders around. There's no better way to start the best four years of your life. In fact, Whitewater Rafting trips are so popular for SOAR, we have to offer THREE! Whitewater Rafting 1 and 2 will both be hitting the Ocoee River for a wild ride, and Whitewater Rafting 3 will venture down the Pigeon River Gorge. All feature awesome rafting, fab friends, and the greatest start to Emory ever.

Lake Trip

Are ya ready kids? This is the part where you respond with an overly-enthusiastic "AYE-AYE CAPTAIN!" Come aboard for an unforgettable trip to beautiful Lake Burton in North Georgia. Will there be boats? Yes. Waterskiing/Wakeboarding/Tubing/etc? Definitely yes. Will there be hiking? Also yes, but not in the lake. Will we sleep under the stars? Only if there's something wrong with the tent. Will you meet some pretty cool people and make some of your first friends at Emory? HELLS YEAH. And if we're lucky, maybe we'll even have a pool noodle or two.